For me, photography is so much more than just a profession. It defines who I am and has been so significant in my self-development. It’s made sense of my past and continues to shape my future. It’s introduced me to some amazing people and shown me places I could only have imagined.

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. The world fascinated me and I was curious about how things worked. I was always taking things apart and putting them back together again, tweaking this and breaking that. It was fun. I loved to use my hands and imagination to make things. Unknown to me at the time but this period in my life served as a very good technical and creative foundation for my future career as a photographer.

I didn't have access to a camera growing up. Photography was expensive and it wasn't until my early 20s that I bought my first camera and started making pictures of friends and family. They quickly tired of being regularly photographed and I too grew frustrated and wanted more of a challenge. One day, I ended up in London where a whole bunch of people decided to protest against a very unpopular government tax. That later became known as the Poll Tax riots. It was here that I found my voice and discovered my passion.

On the strength of my pictures of the Poll Tax riots I was offered regular work by a local newspaper. I was thrilled and couldn't quite believe my luck. It was exciting working as a photographer covering different events, meeting new people and getting paid for it. Finally, I knew what I wanted to do with my life and decided to enrol on a photojournalism course at the London College of Printing (now, London College of Communication - University of the Arts London). After successful completion of the course I spent a year freelancing followed by securing a staff job as a photographer running a busy picture desk until October 1998 when the newspaper closed down and I was made redundant.

I seized the opportunity and returned to working as an independent photographer. I grew my photography and made pictures of a whole new bunch of people - some captains of industry, others celebrities and some without even a place to call home.

I returned to the London College of Communication in 2006 as an Associate Lecturer to teach photojournalism. Fuelled by passion and inspired by creativity my course became very popular and was often oversubscribed. It was a great privilege to help inspire a new generation of photographers. Cartier-Bresson would be proud!

I continue to teach photography alongside working as a photographer and get tremendous satisfaction from investing in people and helping others to discover the amazing art and craft of photography that transcends language and has universal appeal. 

As a photographer, I can bring a wealth of experience to your projects and can focus my efforts to ensuring the very best photographic output for you or your clients. I am not geographically challenged and quite happy to go to where the work takes me. I understand the technical, aesthetic and design aspects of photography very well and I'm just as comfortable working on location or in the studio. 

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